Lap Steel Tabs
Hawaiian Favorites & More
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Tablature for Lap Steel Guitar by David J. Stewart

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Adventures In Paradise (C6th tuning)

Adventures In Paradise (C Diatonic tuning)

Beautiful Kahana (C6th tuning)

Beyond The Reef (C6th tuning, with C# on 6th string)

Beyond The Reef (C6th tuning, with Bb on 6th string)

Beyond The Reef (C Diatonic Tuning)

Blue Hawaii (C6th tuning)

Come A Little Closer (C Diatonic Tuning - Jerry Byrd)

E Mama E (E9th Tuning)

Hana (B11th tuning)

Haole Hula (Jerry Byrd solo)

Hawaiian Paradise (C# minor tuning - Bud Tutmarc)

How D'Ya Do? (B11th tuning)

Moon of Manakoora (D9th tuning)

Honolulu Eyes (C Diatonic Tuning - Jerry Byrd)

Moon of Manakoora (C# minor tuning - Bud Tutmarc)

Next To Jimmy (C Diatonic Tuning - Jerry Byrd)

Paradise Isle (F#m9th tuning)

Rainbows Over Paradise (C6th tuning)

Sand (B11th tuning)

Sophisticated Hula (C6th tuning)

Song of the Islands (C6th tuning)

Steel Guitar Rag (A6th, same as C6th - Tracks for both keys)

Sweetnin' (The Amazing A6th, same as C6th - Tracks for both keys)

Sweet Leilani (C6th tuning)

Sweet Lei Lani (C# minor tuning - Bud Tutmarc)

Wear A Lei (B11th Tuning)

Echoes Of The South Pacific (B11th Tuning with low B)

When Hilo Hattie Does the Hilo Hop (C6th)

Take someone to the islands today with your music!

Non-Pedal and Lap Steel Tabs

Song Tabs Template for C6th /B11th/F#m9th/BbDim9th/D9th

B11th Lap Steel Run from “Susie Ana E”

Classic Jules Ah See (1924-1960) 8-String “Beyond the Reef” Intro

(This particular intro is a favorite today, played daily on the radio show!)

A7th Pedal Steel Tabs (Basil Henriques' tuning)

Now is the Hour  |  My Tani |  Beyond The Reef | Near The Cross

E9th Pedal Steel Tabs

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” — E9th Pedal Steel Song Tabs

“Please Don't Leave” — E9th Pedal Steel Song Tabs

Lloyd Green Master E9th Pedal Steel Tabs Collection

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