Sweet Lei Lani - Bud Tutmarc - C# minor

Tabs by David J. Stewart | April 2016

Bud Tutmarc (1924-2006) did remarkable things throughout his musical career by performing on just one tuning, the C# minor. (The tuning from treble-to-bass is: E, C#, G#, E, B, E). For the tabs below (tabbed exactly as recorded by Bud from his album, "Rainbows Over Paradise"). Bud recorded nearly all the song using just strings 1,2 and 3. Nice! I found a different vocal version of the song played by Bud on YouTube from his album "To You, Sweetheart, Aloha." It's also the C#minor tuning. So Enjoy!

**BELOW: After picking string 3 on the 6th fret, you quickly slide up to string 1, 7th
fret and slide up to fret 8. Listen to the recording to hear How Bud gives it a beautiful 
Hawaiian style. This is one of those things where it is best to just do it, and don't put 
too much though into it. Try to transfer from one note to the next as seamlessly as possible.
E _______________________________________________________________________________________
B __* ABOVE: Place the tip of the bar exactly between strings 1 and 2, while doing_______
E_____a forward bar slant._______________________________________________________________
E ___________8____________________________________3______________________________________
B ______________6__7__8__________________________________________________________________
*NOTE: Most steel guitar artists will tell you that the "sweetest" tone is found by 
setting the tone control knob around 2-3. In a recording studio, it's a good idea 
to turn the treble up some, which lets the guitar be heard nicely when the recording 
is finished. 

Also, harmonics really sound awesome in this particular song and are easy to 
play since it's a slow song. It's a great song to work on your harmonics. 
Jerry Byrd (1920-2005)felt that harmonics is a player's way of sharing a secret.

Download MP3 Rhythm track for Moon of Manakoora to play along with

Here's a Nice Band-in-a-Box Rhythm Track in the standard key of Ab for Moon of Manakoora

Hear me play 'Moon Of Manakoora' On S-6 Long-scale Jerry Byrd Frypan Along with BIAB Track (D9th)

Download BIAB Rhythm Track With Birds & Waves

“Moon Of Manakoora” Tabbed For D9th

Something Different

I bought an Ultra Light TRAVELER guitar for taking with me when, what else, traveling. It only weighs 3 pounds. Although it came as a standard 6-string acoustic guitar, I couldn't help but loosen the strings and slip a metal extension nut over the existing nut... presto... a LAP STEEL guitar!

Same Rhythm Track for Moon of Manakoora, but in Eb Tuning

Watch Me Play Moon Of Manakoora in D9th Tuning (treble-to-bass: E, C, A, F#, E, C)

You can watch and hear me play the TRAVELER guitar. Please keep in mind that this instrument was NOT intended to be used nor played as a LAP STEEL guitar. This is just my own project and I'm glad I did it because it has a fantastic tone. So the following song is played in A9th tuning. I simply lowered the 4th string of my G6th...

Watch and Hear Me Play Moon Of Manakoora On the Ultra-light Guitar On YouTube

The only thing is that you can't tune the strings to C6th because the neck is too long (the strings will break), but the tone is AWESOME from the longer strings! So I tuned the TRAVELER to G6th instead. I lowered the 4th string to play "Moon Of Manakoora," so this song is played in the A9th tuning. Thus, I have included the track I use with my TRAVELER lap steel guitar for Moon of Manakoora in Eb tuning, played on the 3rd fret just like usual.

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