Start With Just One Song

Start With Just One Song

It can be overwhelming starting to play steel guitar if you consider all the different players, styles, techniques, and thousands of songs available to play. It's advisable to just focus on one song to begin. Take baby steps. You can't walk until you first learn to crawl. You can't run until you learn to walk. The same is true with anything in life. So start on a song that is fairly simple and work at all until you can play it well. Then move on to another song. After while you'll have a nice sized repertoire of songs that you can play. Here are some popular Hawaiian songs to get you started.

The greatness of a musical piece is in the preparation, not in the performance.

I once spoke with an elderly gentleman many years ago man who excelled at C6th pedal steel. I don't recall his name. I asked him how he had learned to play the C6th and he said, just learn 10 songs. I never forgot that because it simplified everything for me. Whereas I had felt overwhelmed at having to learn a bunch of stuff to play C6th, all I really needed to do was memorize 10 songs just to get started. I did that, and it got me through until I was able to grasp and learn the C6th years later. Most of learning to play the steel guitar is familiarity. Certain difficult techniques are only difficult because the player is not familiar with them.

~By David J. Stewart


Take someone to the islands today with your music!

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John 20:31, “But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ,
the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”