Your Ears Can Deceive You

Your Ears Can Deceive You

I've learned that my amplifier sounds completely different at the beach than it does at home inside. I've also learned that my ears play tricks on me after 2 hours of playing, and I have difficulty tuning my guitar because nothing sounds right anymore; whereas I can always tune by ear at the beginning. God made the ears interesting indeed.

At the ocean I was once playing a beautiful song on B11th, but then decided to tune back to C6th. A canoe with about 10 islanders had stopped to hear me play in the water, but my ears were acting up and I couldn't get my guitar in tune. They got frustrated and left while I was trying to tune. I was sad. I decided to never let that happen again.

I've learned not to trust my ears after playing for a while. I think it's kind of like eating food. At first it tastes so delicious, but then after you're almost full you can taste all the salt, fat, and the food doesn't taste as great as it did when you started. Your taste buds got used to the food. Our ears do the same thing. After a couple hours of playing, our ears get used to it and our music doesn't sound as good as it did when we started playing 2 hours earlier. This is why I limit my playing to a couple hours at most. Know your limits. You younger whipper-snappers can play all day; but I'm getting older and because of health problems cannot play as long as I'd like. My pain medications affect me also.

Also, the wind while playing outdoors will affect your ear's ability to hear sound pitch accurately. So I don't mess with my guitar once it's in tune. At times I have found myself playing half way through a song in an entirely wrong key, one tone too high usually. Adventures in Paradise often tricks me, but I greatly enjoy playing the song.

~By David J. Stewart


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