Hawaiian MIDI Files

These files are great for importing song chords into Band-In-A-Box (under "File," then "Import," then "Import chords from MIDI file")

       I have placed these MIDI files into my "chords" directory instead of "songs," simply because MIDI files do NOT contain actual music; but rather, they contain digital information (data) that your computer's sound card converts into music, which is what you hear. So MIDI files are really chords, and not recorded music. Also, this explains the need for having a good sound card, like SoundBlaster on your computer system.

  1. Aloha Oe
  2. Beyond The Reef
  3. Blue Hawaii
  4. Diamond Head
  5. Drowsy Waters
  6. Hanalei Moon
  7. Hano Hano Hanalei
  8. Hawaii Aloha
  9. Hawaiian War Chant
  10. Hawaiian Wedding Song
  11. Hawaii Five-O-Theme
  12. Hilo March
  1. Honolulu
  2. Hukilau Song
  3. Hula Blues
  4. I Am Hawaii
  5. I'll Remember You
  6. Kanaka
  7. Lei Of Aloha
  8. Little Brown Gal
  9. Little Grass Shack
  10. Lovely Hula Hands
  11. Mapuana
  12. Mele Kaliki Maka
  1. Moon Of Manakoora
  2. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  3. Now Is The Hour
  4. On The Beach At Waikiki
  5. Pearly Shells
  6. Quiet Village
  7. Song Of The Islands
  8. Taboo
  9. Tiny Bubbles
  10. Waikiki

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