David J. Stewart's E9th and C6th Pedal Steel Copedents

These are my personal setups for E9th and C6th pedal steel. My E9th is set-up very similar to Tommy White's and My C6th is setup exactly like the great steel guitarist, Tommy Roots (two of my favorite artists). Stardust is one of my favorite songs to play on C6th pedal steel, as arranged by Tommy Roots.


F#             G#  
D#               D/C#
G#         A      
E F   Eb     F#    
B       C#   C# A  
G#   F#     A      
F#               G
E F   Eb          
B       C#        

ABOVE: Originally I had a 4th pedal on my S-10 Rittenberry. I removed the 4th pedal with the Paul Franklin change (lowering strings 5 and 6 a whole tone at the same time).

I much rather prefer Tommy White's method, which is to lower string 5 and 6 separately. Unlike Tommy, I chose not to lower the 10th string a whole tone (it just made the knee too tight to pull). The 4th pedal was getting in the way of pedal 3, when I'd move quickly to press it down, so I removed the 4th pedal. This way I can get a clear shot at the 3rd pedal without trying to avoid pedal 4. I've learned after two decades of playing pedal steel that simpler is best. I don't like a ton of pedals and knees.

Here's two songs which I recorded with this tuning above...

Love Notes (composed by Lloyd Green) | Tara's Theme

C6th (same as the late great Tommy Roots)

C6th IKV IKR A B C 4 5 6 7 8 RKL RKR
D                       D#
E               F        
C                 D   B  
A   Bb       B     B     Ab
G F           F#          
E               D        
C                   C#    
A   Bb       B            
F             F#     E    
C             D     A    

* IKV means “Inside Knee Vertical” lever.

ABOVE: Tommy Root's set-up is fairly standard, except for two noticeable changes. He has an inside vertical knee for the left leg which lowers the 5th string a whole tone. When I play C6th, I fold up the RKR (right knee right) because it interferes with the inside vertical knee. Tommy also raises string one a half tone with his RKR, which naturally sounds good with lowering the 4th string a half tone.

My ShoBud is setup standard only, having only one knee lever that lowers string three from a C to a B. I use the standard 5 floor pedals. I raise my A's to B's with the 4th pedal. Using this very simply setup, I recorded “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Moonlight in Vermont.” Instead of using the “BooWah” (that's the sound it makes when you press the pedal) on pedal 8, I just slide up string 10 instead. I love that big .080" thick string! I do have the BooWah change on pedal 8, but I chose to slide the bar instead.

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